Transform IOGP Safety Training

Transform IOGP Safety Training
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How customer OMV-Borealis achieved 30% fewer infringements

By leveraging the power of play, OMV-Borealis was able to improve awareness of life-saving rules. Employees could connect to the content because of the recognizable environment and real-life scenarios in the courses. Game-based learning enabled employees to simulate unsafe situations and not only improve their knowledge, but also have them apply the rules. The campaign went viral in the company resulting into 30% fewer infringements.

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How customer OMV-Borealis achieved 30% fewer infringements

Why Play it Safe?

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Game-Based Learning – Proven To Save Lives

Discover a complete catalogue of IOGP-compliant safety trainings

In our Play it Safe catalogue, you will find a complete range of ready-to-use safety trainings based on the IOGP life-saving rules.

  1. Safety Controls Training
  2. Confined Space Safety Training
  3. Driving Safety Training
  4. Energy Isolation Training
  5. Hot Work Training
  6. Line of Fire Training
  7. Safe Mechanical Lifting Training
  8. Permit to Work Safety Training
  9. Working at Heights Training

Looking for an IOGP-compliant safety training designed exclusively for your company? It's absolutely achievable. Play it also develops customized safety trainings. These training games offer
your own real-life safety incidents and address the safety challenges specific to your environment.

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Game-Based Learning – Proven To Save Lives
    Koen Colpaert

    Het spel ziet er hetzelfde uit als in het echt, wat een voordeel geeft. Je kunt mensen in onveilige situaties brengen, zonder dat er daadwerkelijk een onveilige situatie is.

    Koen Colpaert | Group HSSE Manager bij Borealis

Why IOGP-Compliant Safety Training Matters

Operating in the oil and gas sector, IOGP-compliant safety training plays a crucial role in reducing incidents within your company in several ways:

  • Enhanced Awareness: The right safety training ensures that all your employees are well aware of the industry-specific safety protocols, hazards, and risk mitigation strategies. By increasing awareness, your employees are better equipped to identify potential dangers and take proactive measures to prevent incidents.
  • Standardized Procedures: Safety training also ensures that your employees across different departments and locations adhere to standardized safety procedures. This consistency fosters a culture of safety and reduces the occurrence of errors that could lead to incidents.
  • Risk Mitigation: Training programs developed in accordance with IOGP safety standards focus on identifying and mitigating risks commonly encountered in the oil and gas sector. Your employees learn how to assess risks effectively, implement appropriate control measures, and respond to emergencies promptly, thereby minimizing the likelihood of incidents occurring.
  • Compliance: Compliance with IOGP safety standards is a regulatory requirement for many companies in the oil and gas sector. IOGP-compliant safety training ensures that employees have the knowledge and skills necessary to meet these regulatory obligations, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties and legal liabilities.
  • Improved Safety Culture: By prioritizing safety through IOGP-compliant training initiatives, your company cultivates a strong safety culture where your employees actively prioritize safety in their daily activities. This culture encourages open communication, proactive hazard reporting, and a collective commitment to maintaining a safe work environment.
  • Reduced Downtime and Costs: Incidents in the oil and gas sector can result in costly downtime, repairs, and potential fines. IOGP-compliant safety training helps to minimize the occurrence of incidents, leading to fewer disruptions to operations, lower insurance premiums, and reduced expenses associated with incident response and recovery.

Overall, IOGP-compliant safety training serves as a proactive measure to mitigate risks, protect personnel, and safeguard the reputation and sustainability of companies operating in the oil and gas sector. By investing in comprehensive safety training programs, organizations can significantly reduce the likelihood of incidents and create a safer working environment for all stakeholders.

Why IOGP-Compliant Safety Training Matters

Download our whitepaper: the future of corporate training in oil & gas

Download our whitepaper: the future of corporate training in oil & gas

Your Trusted Partner for Game-Based Learning

Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding your specific needs and providing tailored solutions to comply with IOGP safety standards. Whether you require assistance with training in safety-critical equipment, signage or energy storage and isolation, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you towards your training goals.

Let’s Play it!

  • Game-based learning
    Train your staff 4 times faster and 30% more efficient
  • Complete catalogue of IOGP-compliant safety trainings
    Ready to go within 24 hours with off-the-shelf courses
  • Make use of VR, desktop pc, laptop or mobile smartphones and tablets in more than 30 languages
    Train employees anywhere, anytime, on any device, in their own language

How we work

Analysis and start up
Analysis and start up

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Onboarding staff

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Staff training

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Results and reporting
Results and reporting

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These companies use Play it Safe for safety training

Interactive safety training through simulations, available on all devices

Interactive safety training through simulations, available on all devices

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