Tue 05 March 2024

Accelerate Learning With the Progress Driver in Game-Based Training

Unlocking Corporate Training Success with the Progression Driver

Have you ever considered the power of gaming in learning? Take, for example, the way many of us learned English – not through traditional courses, but through video games. This method taps into a powerful element known as the progression driver.

The Progression Driver in Action:

Learning through storytelling: Just like playing text adventure games on a Commodore 64 taught English through engaging storylines, corporate training can harness storytelling to teach new skills and concepts. It's about being so captivated by the narrative that learning becomes a byproduct of the desire to progress in the story.

Intrinsic motivation: The key here is intrinsic motivation. Like using a dictionary not to learn English, but to advance in a game, employees are more likely to engage with training materials that are directly tied to their progress in an interesting, story-driven context.

Effortless learning: When training is enjoyable and engaging, learners lose track of time and absorb content more efficiently. This immersion is the 'golden apex' of learning – opening up pathways in the brain that enhance quick and effective knowledge absorption.

By leveraging the progression driver in digital training, we can create an environment where learning is not just a requirement but an engaging journey. It’s about transforming corporate training from a task into an adventure that employees are eager to embark on.

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Accelerate Learning With the Progress Driver in Game-Based Training
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