Tue 05 March 2024

Microlearning: The Key to Enhanced Knowledge Transfer

Long classroom sessions packed with information may seem thorough, but they're not the most effective way for our brains to learn. That's where microlearning comes in, transforming the way we approach digital training.

Why Microlearning Works:

Brain-friendly learning: Microlearning breaks down information into short, concise blocks. This format aligns with how our brains best absorb information. Remember the 'Curve of Forgetting'? It shows that attention spans drop drastically after just 10 minutes. Microlearning keeps content within this attention window.

Sense of progression: By completing small learning bits, trainees feel a sense of progression. Whether it’s one session today or three tomorrow, this approach provides a clear path forward, contrasting with the daunting nature of longer training sessions.

Motivation boost: Completing these bite-sized pieces gives learners a sense of accomplishment. Completing learning modules is satisfying and motivating, encouraging continued engagement.

Microlearning isn't just a method; it’s a strategy tailored to how our brains work. It ensures information is not only delivered but also retained and applied. So, if you want to boost the effectiveness of your digital training, think small. Your trainees' brains will thank you.

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Microlearning: The Key to Enhanced Knowledge Transfer
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