Tue 05 September 2023

The Added Value of G-Learning in Post-Covid Times

Having teleworked as much as possible for maany months, we are finally allowed to get together more often and with more people. Physical training courses are an option once again. Even so, digital training can still add value in your company. In post-Covid times, a balanced mix of training tools is your best guarantee for a team with the proper skills and knowledge. Discover how learning games continue to support and reinforce your learning curve.

Digital training in difficult times

In the past months and years, your company probably joined others in searching for alternative ways to train employees. Group training on site was practically impossible. Learning requirements do not stand still because of lockdowns or social distancing, so the need increased for other types of courses. Many companies (re)discovered digital training courses.

Businesses that still had to digitalise made the transformation more rapidly. This means that not only the technical accessibility of digital learning methods but also the demand for online corporate training has grown considerably. Digital training courses are available any time and anywhere for any team members you choose. Sadly, many online training courses are rather static and make little use of the exciting opportunities of digital technology. Unless of course you opt for the power of learning games.

Unprecedented flexibility and opportunities

Play It creates learning games with a significant positive impact. Thanks to its proven efficiency and high engagement of the players, G-learning is a smart investment, which brings benefits in both the short and long term. The advantages of a Play it training remain relevant, even after Covid:

  • your employees learn more and better
  • the interactive nature of the games boosts the engagement and impact
  • no need to travel, so no reason to be absent from work
  • fewer incidents due to better knowledge and skills
  • microlearning, in five-minute chunks, giving participants the chance to run through everything at their own pace
  • reporting tools allowing you to monitor the team and make targeted adjustments
  • ideal for refreshing knowledge of e.g. safety regulations or the efficient onboarding of new employees
  • etc.

Blended learning: the best of both worlds

The interactive process and realistic virtual environment in a personalised learning game make topics and actions highly recognisable and comprehensible. Yet certain skills can also benefit from additional practical experience. For example, when working from a height.

Fortunately, one does not exclude the other. Blended learning uses games to form a solid foundation, but then builds further with a physical training. The results and reporting in the preparatory learning game provide valuable input on the biggest issues and learning requirements. The practical exercises can then be better targeted, and therefore 1 + 1 equals 3.

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The Added Value of G-Learning in Post-Covid Times
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