Tue 05 September 2023

Innovative Onboarding for Multicultural Fish Producer

The classic introduction to Mowi’s Bruges production site and the international nature of the team makes the onboarding somewhat complex. This stressed both the newcomers and the long-tenured staff. “The entry-level employee often didn’t know the instructions sufficiently or got a bit lost in the first few days. This created frustrations among their colleagues, which in turn led to a difficult start. So we needed a different and better approach,” says HSE Manager Jeroen Adam.

The assets for entry-level employees are numerous:

  • recognisable working environment thanks to 360° photos
  • virtual experience of real activities, such as gutting or packaging the fish
  • less stress due to good preparation
  • fewer questions for colleagues, so less frustration in the workplace

Want to add the benefits of Play it First to your onboarding too?

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Innovative Onboarding for Multicultural Fish Producer
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