Mon 18 March 2024

Play it and The Learning Hub Join Forces

Partnership Supports Mission to Make Game-Based Learning a Part of Every Corporate Talent Strategy

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the demand for innovative and effective learning solutions is greater than ever. By joining forces, Play it and The Learning Hub aim to redefine digital learning experiences through innovative game-based learning initiatives.

With this strategic partnership, The Learning Hub gains access to Play it's catalogue of game-based courses, enabling them to offer companies a diverse range of safety training courses. Additionally, The Learning Hub will make use of Play it's Creator solution to develop customized content and learning courses tailored to the specific needs of organizations. The partnership will leverage both Play it's and The Learning Hub’s reach on one hand. On the other hand, companies and employees will be able to find a broader scale of courses and expertise with The Learning Hub, supported by the addition of Play it’s game-based courses. Together, they will create significant digital learning solutions that cater to the unique needs of organizations across various industries.

"We are delighted to partner with The Learning Hub to extend the reach of game-based learning solutions," states Brecht Kets, CEO of Play it. "This collaboration supports our commitment to delivering unparalleled digital learning experiences that create true impact for companies and employees."

Through this partnership, organizations can expect tailored digital learning solutions that are not only engaging and interactive but also highly effective in driving knowledge retention and skill development. By combining Play it's immersive game-based learning approach with The Learning Hub's expertise in digital learning strategy, companies and employees can count on receiving the highest quality digital learning solutions available today.

"We are excited to collaborate with Play it to deliver innovative digital learning solutions that empower organizations to thrive in today's digital age," said Joke D’Haese, Managing Partner of The Learning Hub. "Together, we are able to offer a tailored, digital learning approach to companies and employees, enabling them to achieve their learning objectives more efficiently and effectively."

About Play it

Play it is a leading provider of game-based learning solutions that help organizations to transform their learning and development initiatives. The company offers tools to train employees on workplace safety in the broadest sense in a fast and interactive way. With a focus on immersive and engaging learning experiences, Play it delivers innovative digital learning solutions that drive real results. Play it operates in several European countries and has its headquarters in Belgium.

About The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub develops future-oriented learning solutions for and with clients, thanks to a team of experts who have a strong affinity with learning in general, and digital learning in particular. The Learning Hub brings together didactic and technological expertise. They genuinely listen to their clients, since listening will help them to determine better what they can offer each unique client. This may vary from developing modules to advising on Learning Management Systems or helping to introduce new ways of learning. There are various stakeholders in every project, each with their own role to play. They believe it is important to consider all of these stakeholders, especially the end users, i.e. the learners.

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Play it and The Learning Hub Join Forces
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