Fri 29 March 2024

Play it Wins Prestigious Aureus Prize for Game-Based Learning Innovation

Play it, a leading company in game-based learning solutions, has been honored with the prestigious Aureus Prize, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards revolutionizing corporate training through innovative methodologies. The Aureus Prize, awarded annually by Aureus Ars & Scientia in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg Incubator and BEyond, aims to recognize and support young businesses seeking to explore their presence in the United States market.

This year marked the third edition of the competition, with a selection of young companies vying for the coveted prize. After a series of competitive rounds, Play it emerged triumphant alongside another Belgian company, Trensition, both impressing the jury with their exceptional pitches and promising prospects for growth.

The Aureus Prize not only celebrates outstanding entrepreneurial ventures but also offers substantial support to facilitate the winners' entry into the competitive US business landscape. This accolade reaffirms Play it's position as an industry trailblazer and emphasizes the growing demand for innovative educational solutions.

Founder and CEO of Play it, Brecht Kets, expressed immense pride in receiving the Aureus Prize, stating, "We are truly honored to be awarded with the Aureus Prize. This achievement highlights the importance and potential of game-based learning in shaping the future of corporate training. We are grateful for the opportunity to further expand our reach and make a meaningful impact in the US market."

As pioneers of game-based learning solutions, or G-learning as CEO Brecht Kets calls it, Play it remains committed to using technology and gamification to make employees within companies more engaged in corporate training and promote better understanding of content. Play it's commitment to innovation and excellence continues to propel the company to the next level and success on an international scale.

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Play it Wins Prestigious Aureus Prize for Game-Based Learning Innovation
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