Tue 05 September 2023

Game-Based Learning Gives Professional Skills a Big Boost at AD Delhaize!

An organisation or company can only grow if its employees (can) keep pace. To put it mildly, that was not easy over the past years! Sharing knowledge, face to face, was simply impossible and it can still remain difficult sometimes. A challenge? Certainly! Impossible? Absolutely not! Just look at what AD Delhaize and Play it managed to do with the Play it virtual learning platform: the knowledge sharing actually exceeded all expectations!

From crisis to opportunity

Game-based learning has been gaining ground at a rapid pace for some time now; its undeniable effectiveness and enormous potential have everything to do with that. Play it’s highly customisable digital learning environments propel all the advantages (faster learning curves, better memorization, specific virtual learning situations, etc.) even further and continue to push the boundaries.
It’s therefore not surprising that this was also true for the challenging retail context of AD Delhaize. What’s more, there was definitely no better way to train shop employees during the pandemic.

Simple, inspiring, safe

At Delhaize, those responsible for internal training courses are pleasantly surprised. “Above all, we were looking for a learning method that is simple, thorough and at the same time easy to access. The idea was to continue training our people without having to bring them together in a real physical location. The Play it platform ticks all these boxes and even adds a few more. By moving through a virtual shop with an avatar, our employees encounter situations that imply certain scenarios. This way, we can check to what extent an employee has mastered the correct procedures, safety measures, working methods, etc.”

Virtual learning, safety and health shape a perfect trio

Three different modules were implemented in the learning environment of AD Delhaize.
The first one is about Store Audit and is used to provide employees with the competencies they need to ensure that the shop functions smoothly and in the best conditions. Pretty straightforward all round...
The second and third modules are First Aid and Fire Prevention. This is no coincidence; virtual learning is ideally suited for training people in safety. Creating unsafe situations in a real, physical environment is rarely a good idea. Simulating such situations in a virtual environment provides all the learning opportunities while eliminating the real risks.

This collaboration is yet another striking illustration of the added value that the Play it virtual learning platform invariably realises... or as Delhaize puts it: “Highly recommended!”

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Game-Based Learning Gives Professional Skills a Big Boost at AD Delhaize!
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