Tue 05 September 2023

GDPR Becomes Child's Play: How Gamification Raises Awareness

For many companies, dealing properly and securely with personal data is at the top of the agenda - now more than ever. It is quite a challenge to absorb the necessary knowledge and skills to employees for such a “tedious” subject. Kinepolis, Data Protection Institute and Play it joined forces to look for new educational possibilities. A brand new solution resulted from this intensive and productive cooperation: Play it Secure.

Stefaan Claes, Data Protection Officer at Kinepolis, knows better than anyone how important and complex cybersecurity and privacy are. He is constantly looking for new ways to make employees understand this subject. "Needless to say, Kinepolis employees are least interested in a boring e-learning environment. They are used to information being packaged in an attractive format. When I saw an advertisement from Play it about game-based learning, I was immediately convinced that we should use this method for our GDPR awareness sessions", says Stefaan. Companies other than Kinepolis also showed interest in the brand new GDPR awareness training. IPG Group, which operates call centre services, has already launched a cooperation project. The focus of both Kinepolis and IPG Group is to find an attractive way to increase knowledge about GDPR among their employees.

Kinepolis as an ideal case study

The fact that the first game of Play it Secure was developed specifically for and with the Kinepolis Group immediately provides a sound basis. As Stefaan Claes is aware, "Kinepolis was actually a perfect case study. We have many potential risks and different roles. We do business across many countries and therefore work in several languages. It should surprise no one that we are working so hard on this topic."

Online and digital processes have become indispensable for Kinepolis. These processes underpin sales, which largely take place via the site, as well as the product itself, as all films are streamed digitally. Stefaan: "If we have a leak or a problem, it immediately becomes a serious issue. It therefore makes sense that every employee must have the appropriate knowledge and must be able to handle these processes safely.”

Much more than just a training course

Apart from the interactive application of skills, the scoring system forms an important part of Play it Secure. It provides the participants with a challenge as well as the motivation to apply themselves fully. Simultaneously, the organisation also gains a high level of insight into the knowledge level of its team. Ideal for identifying sticking points or even for use as an assessment tool.

Sebastien Deleersnyder: "As an employer, your aim is to influence the behaviour of your personnel with regard to data protection - to change their mindset. That is the most difficult thing to achieve. So we really have to create a culture of how to handle this correctly. The game is a powerful tool for that."

A learning tool for call agents

IPG Group, part of Koramic, is one of the first users of Play it Secure. The company handles client communications for large service providers, among others. Based on their expertise, they helped develop a Play it Secure tool that is specifically aimed at call agents. "Our employees come into contact with customers every day. Privacy and cybersecurity are therefore matters of priority. We bring this subject matter up in various ways to help maintain their interest and focus for as long as possible. We use the widest possible range of learning tools. The game is a valuable extension of our offer", says Tom Rabau, Training, Quality & Knowledge Manager at IPG Group.

The five-level game can be used modularly. It can also be used during onboarding for new employees. Existing team members who need a refresher can also play the game. The e-learning platform has been made available for the almost 3,000 employees on an international scale.

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GDPR Becomes Child's Play: How Gamification Raises Awareness
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