Tue 05 September 2023

Hybrid Approach for Annual First Aid Training Colruyt Group

In challenging times, a sense of innovation rises. This also applies to corporate training. Covid times and associated constraints forced the Colruyt Group to re-examine their annual refresher training for the company's first aiders. "We had been thinking for some time about other ways to organise our trainings", says Peter Vrancx, training adviser at the Colruyt Group Academy. "In the light of the Covid pandemic, the decision was made that our training course could also temporarily be provided entirely by digital means. However, we deliberately did not opt for this, but it was an extra trigger to look at how we could use digital means for the trainings."

Thorough safety & security checks

From the very beginning of their search in digital learnings, Colruyt Group was looking for a long-term solution. The combination of a continuous approach that still provided the necessary practical aspects soon led them to hybrid learning. That's how a colleague of Peter discovered Play it Safe and they got in touch. "Our cooperation was excellent from the start," states Peter. "The Play it team actively participated in the thinking process and went the extra mile to meet our safety & security guidelines." Play it had absolutely no problems checking everything off and making it conform where necessary.

Healthy competition as an additional motivator

There is already positive employee feedback on the new learning game. "For us, some practical assets really make the differenceā€¯, says Peter. "The game is available in a lot of languages. So each player can learn in their own native language. This is a big plus, particularly for our logistics and production employees. The clear reporting and data from the management platform also provide us with valuable insights, so that we can tailor the training even more closely to the specific needs of our team."

The star-based scoring system, moreover, seems to motivate the players even further. Colleagues play certain modules again to achieve better scores for themselves or over others. And quite simply, repetition works.

A varied range of training

Every first aider plays the Play it Safe learning game before receiving practical training. The many modules within the first-aid game have also expanded the learning offerings. Peter: "This year we selected 12 central themes, and next year the game will focus around 12 other topics. We also consult with the trainer of the practical training course about this in advance, thereby ensuring that we both reinforce each other. Useful insights, such as general scores and the most common mistakes, are also included in the practical training. That's how we maximise impact and efficiency."

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Hybrid Approach for Annual First Aid Training Colruyt Group
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