A smooth onboarding process

With Play it First, you add digital onboarding to your HR policy. New hires receive a warm and personal welcome in a virtual world. They get to know your company in a jiffy and are then ready to start work.

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Virtual onboarding, tailored to your company

Onboarding before the new employee even sets foot in the workplace? Play It First, our interactive simulation game, makes it easy as pie.

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Virtual onboarding, tailored to your company

Your challenges, our mission

A time-consuming reception procedure

A good onboarding process takes a lot of time. In a traditional setting, right? A virtual onboarding from Play it First saves you time and resources. The new hire goes through an efficient and practical introduction to your company at their own relaxed pace.

Stress on the first day

Even before your new team member takes a step inside, they will know exactly what to expect. This limits stress and frustration on the first day. The outcome? Peace of mind for your entire team.

Onboarding of non-native speakers

Does your sector have lots of different nationalities in the workplace? Play it First is available in more than 20 languages. This ensures everyone gets the same dedicated and pleasant introduction.
So many benefits

Benefits of virtual onboarding

  • Make new employees feel at home from day 1.
  • Save your HR officer, the new employee and their colleagues valuable time.
  • Teach safety rules and procedures more quickly and in a fun way.
  • Avoid stress and frustration among both the new colleague and current employees.
  • Zorg dat nieuwe medewerkers sneller geïntegreerd en productief zijn.

Why Play it First?

less infringements
happy employees

Avoid stress among new and existing employees

The first workday at a new company can be a source of stress for many. Even before the official start of their new job, all kinds of questions arise: will parking be easy there, how do I get into the building, what will my first workday look like? The uncertainty may cause agitation. On top of that, the arrival of a new colleague may cause unnecessary stress and frustration among current staff as well. If they notice a new colleague doesn’t know the company processes and is walking around the workplace seemingly lost, this may quickly become a source of tension.

With the virtual onboarding process by Play it First, new employees go through the process via a fun simulation game at their own pace and in their own language as well as in the safety of their own home. This ensures peace of mind among both new and current employees.

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    Laure Monard

    Through Play it's digital platform, we managed to inspire and inform our employees and franchisees quickly and interactively about safety.

    Laure Monard | Internal Communication Manager
    Arjen Bijl

    Infrastructure builder Struyck Verwo uses the Play it Creator to visualise all its construction sites. The contractor is enthusiastic. By thinking in terms of solutions instead of limitations, Play it enables endless possibilities. The quick answers to questions and the high degree of ownership makes all the difference.

    Arjen Bijl | Operations Manager at Struyck Verwo
    Julie Pottier

    Depending on the needs and requests of customers, Play it develops completely new modules together with Mensura.

    Julie Pottier | Business Line Manager at Mensura
    Vincent Goddeeris

    We were looking for a learning method that is simple, thorough and at the same time easy to access. The Play it platform ticks all these boxes and even adds a few more!

    Vincent Goddeeris | Talent & Organisation at Delhaize
    Stefaan Claes

    Kinepolis was actually a perfect case study. We have many potential risks and different roles. We do business across many countries and therefore work in several languages. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that we’re working so hard on this topic.

    Stefaan Claes | Data Protection Officer at Kinepolis
    Sebastien Deleersnyder

    As an employer, when it comes to data protection, you want to influence your employees' behavior and change their mindset. That is very hard to do. We really need to create a culture of how to handle this data in the correct way. Play it's game-based course is a powerful tool for that.

    Sebastien Deleersnyder | Chief Technology Officer at Toreon
    Marc Maris

    I recommend Play it because it’s a very innovative approach, and they can reach a very large number of people in a very complex brewery, just like the Leuven division.

    Marc Maris | Learning & Development manager at AB InBev
    Ambroos Broes

    There were many things I recognised when I started with it, due to the fact that 360° photos that were used. It’s an advantage when you recognise things; it took away a lot of the stress.

    Ambroos Broes | Employee at Mowi
    Nicolas Van Hoecke

    Play it Safe has sparked a revolution at Brantano. It is highly accessible, efficient, scalable, and generates quick returns.

    Nicolas Van Hoecke | HSE Manager at Brantano
    Dave Declercq

    Play it Safe transforms risk training. Its innovative approach and immense potential are well-received, resulting in significant time and efficiency gains, reducing our lost time incidents from 4 to 0.

    Dave Declercq | Safety & Facility Manager at Recticel

Simulation games for your recruitment

Play it First has a solid foundation for your digital welcome of new employees. This is true whether they join to reinforce your team permanently, or as interim staff, or as working students. You can use the Play It Creator to personalise your learning game, for example, with 360° photos of your workplace. Then you can get started right away. This allows you to combine a complete approach and fast efficiency with maximum recognition.

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Simulation games for your recruitment

Interactive HR course

In traditional onboarding, a new employee is handed a mountain of information to absorb. Much of that does not really stick and practical questions get asked later on. An interactive HR course, such as a Play it First game, has proven effectiveness and is guaranteed to be enjoyed.

Interactive HR course

An onboarding process tailored to your company

Not an impersonal, standardised app, but an interactive game completely tailored to your company! With the Play it Creator, you can conveniently add 360° photos to give your new employee the most realistic picture of their new work environment. Use the platform to build your own training sessions and give new employees a virtual tour of your company!

A virtual welcome for employees, clients and suppliers

Virtually guide clients, contractors, visitors and drivers through the company with the Play it First app as well. You can easily create a customised route for each type of visitor. Simply add items to an existing flow or delete elements if necessary. As a result, every visitor will know exactly what to do when they arrive and valuable time is saved.

Also for customers and suppliers

Play it First goes beyond just your staff. You can also quickly show temps, contractors, visitors, or your suppliers' drivers the way to your company virtually. You can easily create a customised route for each type of visitor by adapting the existing flow. And that saves valuable time for yourself and your visitor.

Also for customers and suppliers

Swift onboarding without a major time investment

You have probably experienced it yourself. A proper onboarding process can take a lot of time. As an HR officer, you need to make all the preparations before the new employee actually joins the company. And welcoming and showing the new employee around the company on their first workday takes time as well.

With Play it First, we guarantee an efficient virtual onboarding process before the new employee even sets foot in the workplace. Via tablet, telephone, computer or VR application, a new employee can go through the onboarding process from the comfort of their own home. Enabling them to start their first day at work completely prepared. The HR officer and other staff do not lose any valuable time by answering countless questions and can proceed with their productive workday uninterrupted.

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How we work

Analysis and start-up
Analysis and start-up

Tell us your wishes and needs. We discuss the action plan.

Onboarding staff
Onboarding staff

We provide a strong onboarding and communication kit to inform your team.

Staff training
Staff training

You can easily assign a course to the right employees.

Results and reporting
Results and reporting

Follow everything in the portal and make adjustments where necessary.

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Some success stories

Rethinking Learning: The Power of Gamified Learning
Rethinking Learning: The Power of Gamified Learning

In 2020, a study highlighted the need to reassess learning and assessment methods to enhance skill development of learners. One proposed solution? Ditch the long, cumbersome materials in favor of shorter, more engaging learnings.

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Play it Wins Prestigious Aureus Prize for Game-Based Learning Innovation
Play it Wins Prestigious Aureus Prize for Game-Based Learning Innovation

Play it, a leading company in game-based learning solutions, has been honored with the prestigious Aureus Prize, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards revolutionizing corporate training through innovative methodologies. The Aureus Prize, awarded annually by Aureus Ars & Scientia in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg Incubator and BEyond, aims to recognize and support young businesses seeking to explore their presence in the United States market.

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Play it and The Learning Hub Join Forces
Play it and The Learning Hub Join Forces

Play it, the specialist in game-based learning solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with The Learning Hub, a company with an established reputation in L&D services. This collaboration aims at offering companies and employees extended learning possibilities as they unite their expertise to revolutionize digital learning experiences.

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