Tue 12 March 2024

Behavioral Change through Simulation: The Science and Impact

In the world of corporate learning, simulation through game-based learning stands out as a transformative tool. This approach effectively leads to behavioral changes desired in the workplace.

Key Advantages of Simulation in Learning:

Progress tracking: Learners navigate through various levels, demonstrating their progress and knowledge skills, much like pilots in flight simulations.

Safety and repetition: Simulations offer a safe environment to repeatedly practice scenarios until skills are fully mastered. This repetition is crucial in developing these skills deeply.

Real-world application: By rehearsing skills in diverse contexts within a game, learners find it much easier and more natural to apply these skills in the actual workplace.

Game-based learning and simulations provide a unique blend of challenge, safety, and effectiveness. They not only teach but also ensure that these skills become second nature to learners, ready to be implemented in real-world situations.

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Behavioral Change through Simulation: The Science and Impact
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