Wed 06 March 2024

Your Employees Need to DO Their Learnings

When it comes to training your employees, the ultimate goal is to see a tangible impact on the work floor. However, if the training doesn't involve hands-on activities, its effectiveness significantly dwindles. Drawing from over 20 years of teaching experience, a vital lesson emerged: the importance of doing. When students were merely shown how to solve problems in software programs, retention was fleeting. But, by encouraging them to tackle the problems themselves after a demonstration, their understanding and retention skyrocketed.

This approach underlines a crucial principle: experiential learning, or learning by doing, vastly enhances knowledge retention. Yet, the challenge arises with blue-collar workers, where practical training can be difficult, costly, and potentially risky in hazardous environments. Herein lies the power of highly engaging virtual training, ideally augmented with game-based learning and gamification. These methods not only boost motivation but also ensure the training is visually engaging and interactive, making it scalable and a more feasible investment. This blend of observing, understanding, and experiencing forms a potent cycle that dramatically improves training outcomes.

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Your Employees Need to DO Their Learnings
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