Tue 05 March 2024

Corporate Learning: The Impact of Repetition

Leveraging the Power of Repetition in Corporate Training

The addictive nature of games like Tetris or Candy Crush lies in their clever use of repetition. Players engage in specific actions thousands of times, driven by the thrill of beating their own high scores. This process demonstrates two key game drivers: challenge and competition.

Why Repetition Works in Training:

Mastery through repetition: Repeating specific actions, like puzzles or matching mechanics, leads to rapid skill acquisition. It's not just playing; it's practicing and improving with each attempt.

Reward and satisfaction: Completing tasks in these games releases endorphins, creating a sense of satisfaction and happiness. This positive reinforcement is a powerful motivator.

Now, imagine applying this principle to corporate training. By utilizing the power of repetition, we can effectively infuse specific content into employees' minds. Whether it’s safety signs, codes, or names, this method ensures rapid learning and subconscious knowledge absorption.

The Repetition Loop in Learning:

Incorporating a repetition loop in training mirrors this gaming loop, making learning not only effective but also engaging. It's about transforming training into an experience that’s both enjoyable and educational.

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Corporate Learning: The Impact of Repetition
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