Tue 05 March 2024

Maximizing Corporate Training Efficiency: 30x Results

As a learning and development (L&D) specialist, finding the most effective and innovative ways to engage learners is key to delivering successful trainings and courses. One approach that is gaining popularity is game-based learning. But what does research say about the impact of game-based learning on learners and their development?

Research has shown that games have a unique power to teach, train, and educate skills and attitudes that cannot be taught through traditional memorization methods. Additionally, games have been found to deliver instructional design that is linked to cognitive and effective learning, making them a valuable tool in the workplace.

Perhaps the most critical aspect of game-based learning is its ability to motivate and engage learners. According to research, incorporating gameplay into learning activities leads to increased motivation and effectiveness of the learning.

In conclusion, game-based learning is a powerful tool for L&D specialists. By incorporating gameplay into their trainings and courses, they can boost learner motivation and the overall effectiveness of their learning and development policy.

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Maximizing Corporate Training Efficiency: 30x Results
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